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Come on in and shop for your health food needs from vitamins and supplements to bread and milk. We welcome you with open arms!

Whether you are traveling through Effingham, or whether you are new to the area or a lifelong resident, you are more than welcome to visit us.  Feel free to come by to shop, but feel even more free to come by for a visit.

Thank you for spending part of your day with us!


We at Heartland Health Foods are here to provide you with the very best health foods around.  Our store is stocked with 100% healthful and nutritious products.  We are not like most stores that may have some reasonably healthy products but many more unhealthy products.  All of our products must meet our standards of health and nutrition.  We are the healthiest alternative for you!

Heartland Health Foods will chiefly offer customers organic and natural products, and the locally grown produce will adhere to this as well.  We will provide chemical and preservative-free groceries, vitamins and supplements with no gelatin, cruelty-free body care, and eco-household products. There will also be some refined vegetarian meats, not necessarily organic or natural, but still a healthy alternative to the adversities of meat.  

What types of people are coming to our store?  Both male and female, young and old.  People of all races, kindred, and tongues.  Meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans.  The lactose intolerant, those with allergies, and those requiring gluten free.  Those needing low salt, low carbs.  Those who are local and those who are from other states.  In general the people coming to our store are those who are just looking for a better way.

We strive for the following characteristics of our products: 

  • Free of artificial preservatives
  • free of artificial colors
  • free of chemical additives
  • organically or naturally grown whenever possible
  • the least processed or unadulterated version available
  • non-irradiated
  • cruelty free
  • non GMO
  • fair trade when possible

Produce  -  (back to top of page)

Much of our produce is locally grown by gardeners and farmers in the Effingham area.  Fruits and vegetables may come from your neighbors or family and friends.  We seek to support our local citizens and community as much as possible.  Some of our produce will come from an Indiana distributor and be labeled as organic.  One advantage of being on our email list is that as fresh produce comes in you are notified and can come in on a first come, first serve basis. 

Examples of our produce are potatoes, tomatoes, beans, beets, onions, melons, sweetcorn, beans, herbs, soybeans, berries, fruits, and more.

Refrigerated and Frozen -  (back to top of page)

Take a trip back to our merchandiser refrigerator and freezer to find many delicacies.  There are organic frozen veggies and berries.  Other items frozen include natural and organic items such as breads, treats, pizzas, and more.  Our Refrigerated items include healthy spreads, yogurts, milks, good for your heart vegan sour creams, vegan cheeses, soy puddings, and much, much more!

Nuts, teas, seasonings, seeds, dried fruits, grains - (back to top of page) 

We have many packaged nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and grains.  We will also gladly take requests for bulk orders of these items and other items as well.  Buying in bulk to save money and freeze them at home or to split with others is a good idea.  Some items can be purchased in 25 or 50 pound containers.  We have herb teas and seasonings as well.  We have those set up so that you can purchase them in bulk by measuring out just what you can use no matter how small or large.  

Body Care - (back to top of page) 

We have many things for body care including things for the baby and adult.  There are diapers for the baby.  We have soaps, aromatherapy products, and other personal hygiene products such as deodorants, mouthwash, and shampoos for adults.  

Gluten-Free - (back to top of page) 

You will find a section for those who require gluten-free products in our store.  This includes pastas, breads, cookies, baking mixes, treats, cereals, snacks, and many more items.  We are carrying about 150 gluten free products.  Let us know what your needs are and we will try our best to meet them!

Vitamins and Supplements - (back to top of page) 

We carry BlueBonnet Vitamins and Supplements.  Most of our vitamins and supplements contain no animal elements.  Furthermore, none of them carry any gelatin, a common food additive derived from the gut, skin, bones, connective tissue, and hooves of animals, chiefly the swine.  We at Heartland Health Foods strive to bring you only the very best in all our goods.  

Special Orders - (back to top of page) 

If you have a request for healthy and nutritious items not found in the store we will make every effort to obtain these for you providing they meet proper health standards and are carried by our distributors.  It may be that we will carry such items or similar items on a regular basis as well.  So don't be afraid to ask your friendly associate!

General Product Descriptions: 

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