Look for new recipes to be posted on a frequent basis on this page.  You can also find healthy and nutritious recipes in the store on pre-printed recipe cards.  Additionally, we have several cook books from which to choose to help you in your cooking escapades.  Try the following recipes!
Oat burgers - (back to top of page)   
            1 small onion                          3 T. olive or grape seed oil

            ¼ cup soy sauce                     dash of parsley

            ½ t. onion powder                   ¼ t. garlic powder

            ¼ cup yeast flakes                 salt to taste

            ¼ cup raw sunflower seeds    2 ¼ cups quick oats

            1/8 cup white sesame seeds   2 ¼ cups water

Sauté onion in 3 T. vegetable oil in a medium pot. Approx 2-3 min. Add water, soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, salt and yeast flakes. Bring to boil. In blender grind sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. When ground, add to boiling water mixture and turn off heat and mix. Add quick oats, mix until slightly stiff (but still moist, add more oats if needed). Let mixture cool. When cool, form into ball and then flatten. Brown patties on both sides in a skillet with a little oil. Patties may also be baked if you do not want to fry in oil. 

Lentil Loaf -
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          1 ½ cups rinsed lentils           1   t. salt

            2     onions chopped                ¼  cup catsup or barbecue sauce

            ¼    cup vegetable oil             1   t. sage

            2     cups cooked rice             ¼  t. marjoram

            1     t. garlic powder               


Cook lentils in 3 ½ cups water until tender. Meanwhile, sauté onions in oil.  Partially mash lentils and mix in the onions.  Add rest of ingredients.  Press mix into an oiled loaf pan.  Spread catsup or sauce on top. Bake 350 for 1 hour.

Soy  burgers -
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            2 t. salt                                    2 t. oregano

            1 cup uncooked oats or          1 t. basil

                1 cup whole wheat flour     1 onion finely chopped

            ½ t. ground, dried pepper      1 green pepper finely chopped (opt)

            1 T. garlic powder                  2 cups soybeans


Soak beans overnight. Pressure cook beans in 6 cups water and 1 T. oil for 55 min. Beans should be soft.  Drain. Mash 5 cups beans with potato masher and add rest of ingredients while mashing.  Batter is very stiff.  Form mix into balls a little larger than a golf ball.  Place in skillet with only a light amount of vegetable oil.  Flatten patties to about ½ inch.  Each time burgers are flipped, flatten them a little more.  Thin burgers get done better than thick ones.

Sloppy  Joes - (back to top of page)

          1     large onion, diced                       1/8 t. hot ground pepper

            2     medium green peppers, diced    1    t. salt

            3     T. vegetable oil                           1    T. soy sauce

            1 ½ cups boiling water                       1    T. mustard

            2 ½ cups tomato sauce                      1    T. Stevia or sugar           

            2     T. chili powder                            1 ½ cups dry TVP


Sauté  onion and peppers in oil.  Add to rest of ingredients.  Simmer mix for 20 minutes. Serve hot over soft sandwich buns (ask for recipe) or bread.


Soft  Sandwich Buns -
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          2 cups soymilk                        2 T. yeast

            ¼ cup vegetable oil                ½ t. turbinado sugar

            ¼ cup turbinado sugar           ¼ cup warm water


Heat soymilk to scalding. Mix oil and ¼ cup sugar. Add hot milk to sugar mix. Let milk mix cool. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, stir together last 3 ingredients. Let yeast mix sit a few minutes. Add the cooled milk. Whisk in 2 cups white unbleached flour and beat 100 times until smooth. Let sponge rest 10 minutes. Beat in 4 cups flour and 1 teaspoon salt.  Add enough flour so dough can be turned out to knead 5 minutes. Shape rolls. Place on oiled cookie sheet. Let rise 30 minutes. Bake at 375 for about 20 minutes. You can make breadsticks, sopapillas, fancy rolls from this dough too. To put flaxseed, sesame seed, or herbs on top, mix ¼ cup egg beaters with 1 tablespoon soymilk. Baste top of buns with mix, then sprinkle on seeds/herbs.


Sun  Seed Roast -
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          2     cups quick or rolled oats             3    T. yeast flakes

            1 ½ cups water                                   ½    t. thyme

            ¾    cups sunflower seeds                  1 ¾ t. salt

            1     T. onion powder                           2     cups firm tofu, mashed


Combine all ingredients.  Pour into oiled 8 x 8 baking dish.  Cover and bake at 350 for 40 minutes.  Uncover and bake 15 additional minutes.


Variation: Substitute chopped walnuts or other nuts for sunflower seeds.


Hummus  - (back to top of page)
2 cup cooked garbanzo beans,           ½ cup garbanzo juice or water

                   Drained                                        1 ¼ t. onion powder

            4 – 6 T. lemon juice                            4 garlic cloves or 1 t. garlic

            1 ½   t. salt                                                 powder

            ½ cup tahini               


Blend all ingredients on high 1 – 2 minutes until creamy.  Makes a delicious spread or dip.


Variation: For a dressing, double the juice or water. 


Pesto  - (back to top of page)
1 cup packed fresh basil leaves,       1 T. lemon juice

                   (about 2 oz)                                  ¼ cup water

            ½ cup toasted walnuts                        2 T. yeast flakes, opt

            1/4   t. salt                                           2 cloves garlic


Blend all until smooth.  Makes a delicious spread or dip.


Variation: Substitute arugula for basil leaves. 

Millet  Butter -
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          1 cup hot, cooked millet, packed       1 cup water

            1/3 cup coconut or cashews                1 t. salt


Blend all until smooth.  Add a small amount of water while blending if necessary.  



  1. Add ¼ cup cooked carrots while blending for color.
  2. OR add 1/16 t. turmeric while blending for color
  3. Add 1/16 teaspoon of butter flavoring while blending for flavor.
  4. For a lighter spread that softens when placed on hot food leave out 1/3 cup millet.  Heat water in a sauce pan. Add all ingredients plus 1 tablespoon Natural Desserts Jello unflavored mix.



Carob  Chip Cookies - (back to top of page)
           ¾ cup honey               ¾ cup chopped walnuts
            ½ cup oil                     1 cup carob chips

            1 T vanilla                   2 cups regular oats

            1 t. salt                        2 Cups oat flour or

            ½ cup soy milk               whole wheat flour


In one bowl beat together the first five ingredients.  Mix remaining dry ingredients in another bowl.  Combine liquid and dry and still together well.  Let sit for 15 minutes.  Drop 2 tablespoon portions onto lecithin-oiled cookie sheet. Flatten slightly and shape.  Bake at 350 for 20 – 25 minutes. 

Yield: 38 cookies

Tofu  Whipped Cream -
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          2 cup tofu                    ½ t. salt

            4 t. vanilla                   ½ cup olive or grape seed oil

            ½ cup honey              


Rinse tofu and drain. Crumble with hands and measure.  Blend all ingredients on high until smooth, stopping blender 2 – 3 times to stir content.  Keep refrigerated.


Yield: 2 ¾ cups

Banana  Date Nut Cake - (back to top of page)

½ cup warm water      ½ cup vegetable oil    1 ½ cups oat flour or whole

1 T. honey                   2 cups mashed ripe                   wheat pastry flour

2 T. active dry yeast                    bananas    2 t. salt

1/3 cup honey             1 ½ cups whole           1 cup chopped nuts

1 T. vanilla                         wheat flour           2 cups dates


In small bowl, stir together first three ingredients to make sponge. Set aside to bubble in warm place. In another bowl, add next three liquids and bananas, mixing well. In last bowl, stir together remaining ingredients. When sponge is formed, pour contents of first two bowls into last bowl. Mix well briefly. Spread evenly into lecithin-oiled 8” x 12” baking dish. Cover and let rise in warm place 10 – 15 minutes. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 and bake 35 – 40 minutes more. May frost if desired.





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